Episode 4: Hac'KP hackathon 2020 An initiative by Kerala Police

12 July, 2020

About this Episode

In this episode of DEFCON Trivandrum Malayalam podcast, we are interviewing Anand V S, civil police officer with Kerala Police Cyberdome. The hosts Thoufeeque and Adithya asked about questions regarding cyberdome and the proper way of reporting a cybercrime. Later Anand explains about HacKP, an initiative by Kerala Police Cyberdome to host an international online hackathon. Anand also shares how Hac’KP is the chance to experience, experiment and explore solutions to Kerala Police’s real-world challenges. Click here to register for the hackathon

About the Guest

Anand V S

Anand is a Civil police officer with Kerala Police CyberDome, Technopark, Trivandrum. He has 20 years of experience in the industry ad has been working for Kerala Police for the past 8 years. He manages Cyber security training and awareness, volunteer management, malicious social media activity monitoring etc for CyberDome. He has earned many security certifications such as ECSA, ISMS Lead auditor etc.

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