Episode 2: Journey from journalism to professional hacking

20 June, 2020

About this Episode

In this episode, the hosts are sharing their experience and hacker stories. Hosts are discussing how they have started their cyber security career, is computer science background or engineering degree in technology is necessary to start a career in cyber security, what are the opportunities and dangers in the field of hacking especially for students who are curious about hacking. Later Sreehari explains a security issue he discovered in one of the top crypto currency exchange which is equivalent to our bank or money exchange and the criticality of the security issue which made him over 2000USD at his young age. He also shared a couple of pointers to the people who are interested in starting a career in cyber security.

About the Host

Thoufeeque and Sreehari

We dont have any Guests for this episode. The DEFCON Group Trivandrum goons Thoufeeque and Sreehari would be hosting this episode.

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